Siva shakti Kalai Kuzhu(சிவசக்தி கலை குழு)

We are the group of people performing the tamilnadu(South-India) folk-dances(தமிழக கிராமிய நடனம்). Dance in South-India, is anchored to age-old tradition. This vast sub-continent has perpetuated to varied forms of dancing, each shaped by the influences of a particular period and environment. These pristine forms have been preserved through the centuries, to become a part of our present culture, a living heritage which is both our pride and delight. Nurtured in temples, princely courts or villages, dance has moved into the auditorium of today, bringing pleasure to many more people, in far-flung regions.

SivaSakthi Groups

This is the website on Sivasakthi kalaikulu developed by Kalaimamani Muthukumar, we performing Tamilnadu cultural programs. We done so may programs in all over India and other country also; we perform the following cultural events.

Vision Statement

We have done so many performances for the following groups to express the tamil tradition.

  • Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation
  • Tamilnadu Art and Culture
  • Tamilnadu "Iyal","Easai","Nadagam" Mandram
  • South zone cultural center
  • Pondicherry Art and culture
  • So many folk programs all over the world.
  • So many street and stage dances all over the India temples.
  • We have got so many state and central government awards.

Mission Statement

To expose Tamilnadu folkdance to the world. To save the Tamilnadu tradition and culture.


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